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    1. News in the desposition and design of nests for the solitary bees Osmia rufa L. and Osmia cornuta Latr.
    2.Research on how different concentration of oxigen and nitrogen has the influence on wakening up bee workers.
    3.Terpenic and phoenolic compounts as markers of global origin of honeys.
    4.Structura nectarnikow w kwiatach Inula helenium L.
    5.Estimation of semen vitality located in spermatheca receptaculum seminis in queens.
    6.Pollen plants visited by honey bees during the blossoming period of early varieties of apple tree (Malus sp.).
    7.Honeybee and bumblebee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) mites in some regions of Ukraine.
    8.Zastosowanie filmu i cyfrowych metod analizy obrazu w badaniach apidologicznych.
    9.Kwitnienie i pozytek pylkowy z Arctium L.
    10.Pylenie trzech gatunkow z rodzuju Centaurea.
    11.Results of acarological analyses of biological contaminations of propolis

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