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The main parameters of Udmurtia honey

Lidia Kolbina, Marina Zorina, Anastasia Ryzhova
XlVI Naukova konferencja pszczelarska, Pulawe, 10-11 marca 2009. P.95-96.

    Recently honey is used not only as a product food and dietary, but also as a medical product in preventive maintenance and treatment of some diseases.
    The aim of study was to determine organoleptical, physicochemical parameters 69 samples of the honey from 25 areas to republic. The study was run in the laboratory of the Udmurt state scientific research institute of agriculture
    It is established, that the aroma of honey changes from pleasantly weak up to strong. Some sorts of honey very aromatic (for example, lime-tree), aroma of honey melilotus and willowherb, feebly marked. Taste of honey at the majority of researched samples sweet and pleasant. The best taste qualities have the following of honey: lime-tree, melilotus and willowherb. Color of honeys changes from transparent, as water up to brown.
    The consistence of honey depends from chemical compound, temperature and periods of storage. Honey in the majority of samples represented liquid. At the further storage crystallized in fine-grained and liquid, less often - coarse-grained.
    Physicochemical parameters of quality of honey give more exact characteristic of its structure and properties. From physical and chemical parameters of honey quality we determined: humidity, diastase activity and acidity.
    We reveal the big variety diastase activity from 8,3 up to 65,2 Gotha units. The average diastase activity is 15,0 Gotha units. Honey from northern zone has the greatest diastase activity - 65,2 Gotha units. Acidity of honey (рН) has a limit from 3,5 up to 4,9. Average acidity of republic – is 4,17.
    The results demonstrate that parameters of honey simples correspond to requirements of GOST 19792-2001 Russian Federation.

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